MISSION Through the use of sustainable methods, native agriculture and organic farming we protect the environment, our food and community. Farming that emphasizes using renewable resources, conserving our soil and water, while enhancing the land and preserving life for the future. On the Jack Rabbit Hollow Farm we practice methods of permanent agriculture and sustainable farming. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals whatsoever. We use companion planting as a method for pest infestation control. Our garden is planted using compost and mulcn and is never tilled. We cultivate plants and beneficial wildlife. We harvest and dry native herbs for consumption and therapeutic use. We strive to create a habitat all can benefit from, while providing our community with safe, healthy produce everyone can enjoy. Our chickens and ducks enjoy: ~ a vegetarian diet ~ free choice foraging ~ free pasture roaming on 35 acres ~ outdoor habitat on grasslands and river ~ no kill home ~ no antibiotics ~ GUARANTEED RETIREMENT!!! -We value health and nourishment. Ours, our animals and the environment’s. -We strive for open communication and a sense of trust and honesty with one another and our community. -We value stewardship and conserving the land. -We value enhancing the quality and beauty of the land. -We strive to produce nutritious, healthy, organic food using sustainable methods. -We value contributing in our community socially and economically -We value creating a sense of sanctuary and beauty in our farm practices and on the land we farm.